Monday, June 2, 2008

Still Sick!

Well, we are still sick at our house. Joel finally seems to be doing better today. He is acting much more himself although not quite 100%. Yesterday evening Noah started with the sickness. He has had a pretty hard day. If he does not seem better tomorrow we may need to get him into the doctor. I am a little concerned about him staying hydrated. He will drink, but it is hard to keep it in him. Jason & I have not necessarily felt our best, but have not felt too bad. Hopefully things will not get worse for us.


Curtis Watson said...

Jason and Shannon,
I randomly stumbled onto Brian Hedges site and knew it must be Jason's brother. It's neat to see what's going on with ya'll. Congrat's on the new babies. God bless you.

TNKerry said...

So sorry. Not fun at all. :(

ea said...

yuck. Praying that you and Jason don't get it as well!

Emily Angehr