Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grammy & Pop Were Here

Grammy & Pop (Shannon's parents) came last Sunday and stayed the week with us. They were planning on coming sooner after Noah came home, but because we were all sick they postponed their trip. They were supposed to stay until tomorrow and then go visit more family in the Austin area, but Mom (Grammy) thinks she is getting sick and did not want to spread it to other family members and wanted to get home before she got worse. We do not know if it the same thing we all had or something different. Hopefully she did not catch it from us or our house. We had lots of fun while they were here. Dad (Pop) did a lot of projects around the house and it was a great help. While they were here we went to a petting zoo at our library, went to Chuck E. Cheese (although Joel wanted to leave pretty quickly), went swimming, went to a great playground/fort, and played a lot at home. Here are some pictures:

At the petting zoo at the library:

At the pond at the library:
Mama and baby ducks:
At Chuck E.Cheese:

At Legacy Play Village:

Swimming at a public pool in Lubbock:
Around the house:
Joel, Daddy, & Pop made a cool ramp for Joel's cars:

Eating some of Grammy's yummy cinnamon bread:

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Giles Family said...

Oh it's so great to see you guys! You all look so healthy and happy. Shannon, your mom and dad look wonderful. We'll continue praying about Hannah's homecoming!