Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Hannah was approved from PGN this morning!! What exciting news! We are so very glad to have her out of PGN. This means that the Guatemalan side of the adoption is complete and that within a couple of days she will be legally ours, but it takes several more weeks to get her new birth certificate with our last name and get all the things done for her to enter the USA. We posted a list of all of the steps on the blog on April 15th when Noah got out of PGN. If you would like to see the list you can find it there. We picked up Noah exactly 1 month from when he got out of PGN, but everything went very quickly for him. We will be expecting more like 6 weeks for Hannah, but it could be longer or shorter. It is too soon to tell. It is such a relief for her to be out of PGN. YEAH!!!

P.S. After almost 3 weeks of being very sick around here, we are finally all well.


Darcy said...

I am thrilled to read this news. I hope these last steps fly by. . . and then your family will be complete! Keep us posted on how it is moving along. Glad to hear you are all feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I know you are relieved-almost there. We missed talking to you at church Sunday, but were happy to see you back in "action." Can't wait to meet Noah AND Hannah, very soon.

Brian G. Hedges said...

This is great news! Congratulations. Also glad you're doing well. We, alas, are sick again. Ugh.

emily angehr said...

So good! :) I'm thrilled for you guys.

Beth in MN said...

I stumbled across your blog today.

Congrats upon being released from PGN purgatory. May the road to Protocolo, BC, Passport, 2nd DNA, and Pink be short and sweet.

Beth Hentges
PS Is the Hedges family originally from Luxembourg/Germany?