Monday, June 30, 2008

June in Review (Part 1)

There are a lot of pictures that were taken in June that have not been posted. I may try to do a couple of posts this week of various pictures from June.

Noah sitting in his chair. Look at that smile.

Joel water painting. Thank you Aunt Susan!

Mommy & Noah:

Joel eating refried beans with his hands:

Going for a walk in the triple stroller. There are 2 seats and a place for Joel to sit or stand in the back. Since Hannah is not here yet, Joel usually rides in a seat.

Joel is helping to clean the windows.

Joel playing with his cars and trucks.

And in a diaper box:

Noah in the exersaucer. He is just recovering from being sick so his face looks pretty thin.

Joel often covers his face so we can not take a picture.

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