Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update on Hannah

A couple of days ago we got 2 sets of pictures of Hannah. One set from her 8 month doctor's appointment and one set from a social visit (where all the foster mothers get together and one of things that happens is taking pictures of all the kids). Both sets of pictures were taken on the same day, June 2nd, and you can see she is wearing the same outfit. At the doctor's she weighed 15 lb 4 oz. The report said that she is very alert and shows interest in all that goes on around her, appears to understand some simple words and turns to things that are named, she also imitates some of the movements she sees (rising eyebrows for example), is able to keep the sitting position and will try to pull herself to the standing position, she also puts herself in the crawling position.

As far as her case, we are still waiting for the additional birthmother interview to take place. We are not sure why it is taking so long. Many people from our agency have already had this done. It could be that the birthmother can not get off work or can not get to Guatemala City for the interview or something else. We are not sure. We are very anxious to have this done. She can not exit PGN (Procuradoria General del Nacion) until this is completed and even after it is completed it could take a while to exit. The first case from our agency to exit from PGN since the new requirement of the additional birthmother interview just happened this week. Their interview happened about 3 weeks prior. Hopefully this process will speed up. We are very ready to have Hannah home.

Here are the pictures from June 2nd-

Social visit pics:

Doctor's visit pics:

P. S. Noah and Shannon are both still sick, but they may be doing a little bit better.


McMurrays said...

THAT PRECIOUS LITTLE GIRL NEEDS TO COME HOME! She is the sweetest baby girl I've ever seen!
Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Jill said...

Hi, guys. It's been a while since I last visited your blog, and I'm so happy to read that Noah is home with you! How wonderful! I'll pray that Hannah comes quickly and that all of you get over this stomach bug soon. That is so miserable, I know. Please tell Shannon I said HI.

:-) Jill