Sunday, January 27, 2008

Central Authority Registration

We've been waiting for Hannah's case to be registered with the new Central Authority in Guatemala so her case could enter PGN. We learned last week that both Hannah's and Noah's cases have been submitted for registration and should be registered in about 7 business days. Noah's case is not ready to enter PGN just yet but at least we won't be waiting on this step when his case is ready. We're hoping Hannah's case will be registered by the end of this coming week and her case submitted to PGN. We're still waiting for Noah's case to exit Family Court and to receive pre-approval from the US. We're hoping for both of those to happen in the next week or two. We received updated pics of both our babies this weekend so here's a few we wanted to share.

Hannah is now 3 1/2 months old. Such a cutie!

Noah is now just over 2 months old. Handsome boy!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Update on Hannah

We received pre-approval from the US on December 28th to bring Hannah home. This was the step we were waiting on for her case to move on to PGN. However, we just learned this past week that PGN has stopped processing cases as of January 1st because of the recent changes in Guatemalan adoption law. It is a violation of their own laws for them do this. Hannah's case is on hold until they start processing cases again. We are hopeful that this will be soon. Please pray to that end! Here are some pics from her doctor's visit today! She's so beautiful!

Update on Noah

We received Noah's DNA match report last week so that was great news. It was a 99.71% match. We're still waiting for confirmation on whether or not his case is in Family Court. We decided Noah's middle name will be John. Jason's middle name is John and Noah's birth name is Juan so we thought it was a good fit. :) Noah John is doing great - here are some pics from his doctor's visit on December 19th. He was already up to 11lbs! Growing boy!

Update on us

The last few weeks have been absolutely crazy! Jason finished up his job in Abilene on Dec. 21st and we left that day to begin our holiday travels. That was also our final day at our home in Abilene. We spent time with both our families for the holidays and enjoyed our time with them all. We ended up sick during and after so that was a drag. Jason started his new job on Jan. 2nd and we're living with his parents until we close on our new house on Jan. 14th. Needless to say, keeping the blog updated through the packing, travels, sickness, and craziness has been difficult. We should get back to our more regular updating in a couple of weeks after we move into our new house. Joel is enjoying his new toys from the holidays and his extended amount of time with grandparents. Here's a recent picture of him.