Friday, May 29, 2009

San Antonio Vacation Day 3

The next day of our vacation we spent the morning at our rental house recuperating and then in the afternoon we headed downtown. We spent most of the afternoon at the Children's Museum. All 3 kids really enjoyed it. The museum had a lot of fun hands on activities for the kids.

Here is Joel driving a trolley:

This is a bubble maker. The kids could actually step inside and make a bubble around them:

Here you could arrange a path for boats to flow in the water:

This is a large pipe organ type thing that the kids could play:

This airplane was one of their favorite activities. They could dress up like a pilot and sit in the cockpit, or sit in the seats, or be back in the luggage compartment.

Little Miss Hannah sitting in a Victorian style living room:

Joel riding a bike:

Noah at the dentist:

And here is where we spent the most time - at the supermarket. The kids could have their own size baskets, get things off the shelves, and then go scan their groceries at the checkout. Joel loved it, Hannah had a lot of fun, and Noah was on a crazy shopping frenzy:

And here was a crane Joel was operating:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Antonio Vacation Day 2

The next day we went to Sea World. Jason's aunt and two cousins from the Houston area met us there. We saw the shows, played in the kids area, and saw the animal encounters. The kids especially liked the shows. Jason and I loved watching them thru the kids eyes. On the way home from vacation I asked everyone what their favorite thing was and everyone that can talk said the shows at Sea World.

The entrance to Sea World:

Anna with her cousin, Mikaela:

Joel next to Aunt Darla and cousin Tim at the Sea Lion show:

Joel insisted on using his zoo map at Sea World. He was showing it to Hannah while we were waiting for Shamu:

Watching Shamu:

Jason and Joel climbing on nets:

A soft play area for the kids:
Noah is in there:

The dolphin show (Noah slept during most of it):

San Antonio Vacation Day 1

We recently got home from a 5 day vacation to San Antonio. We had a great time. The kids did wonderfully and really enjoyed it. Jason's sister, Anna, went with us. We rented a house and loved it. We had several bedrooms to spread the kids out and a living room and kitchen to use. We drove down on a Tuesday afternoon/evening. The next day we went to the San Antonio Zoo. All the kids loved seeing the animals. There was a lot of pointing. Hannah and Noah point and grunt until you acknowledge what they are pointing at. First we rode on a train that is just outside the zoo. Joel loves riding on trains. Noah also really enjoyed it. Hannah wasn't too sure about it. It was very hot that day (I think 98).

Us on the train:
At the zoo:
This is a tunnel play area for kids:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Outdoor Expo

This past Saturday we went to another free event called the Family Outdoor Expo. It was put on by a local church. They had a lot of activities for kids, such as a petting zoo, jumpers, rock climbing wall, fishing in pools, barrel trains, and other activities. The weather was cloudy and much cooler than it had been. While we were there it was in the 50's. The day before it was in the 90's. I think the weather kept a lot of people from coming out which was great for us. Joel loved the jumpers and spent hours on them. Hannah and Noah did not like the jumpers and spent most of the time in the stroller, but they were mostly content with just watching what was going on around them. Here are some pictures:

Hannah wasn't too sure about the camel:

Noah loved the camel:

This is about how long Hannah and Noah stayed in the jumper:

Jason & Joel waiting for a fishing pole:

Joel decided the fish were too big and he did not want to catch one: