Friday, May 29, 2009

San Antonio Vacation Day 3

The next day of our vacation we spent the morning at our rental house recuperating and then in the afternoon we headed downtown. We spent most of the afternoon at the Children's Museum. All 3 kids really enjoyed it. The museum had a lot of fun hands on activities for the kids.

Here is Joel driving a trolley:

This is a bubble maker. The kids could actually step inside and make a bubble around them:

Here you could arrange a path for boats to flow in the water:

This is a large pipe organ type thing that the kids could play:

This airplane was one of their favorite activities. They could dress up like a pilot and sit in the cockpit, or sit in the seats, or be back in the luggage compartment.

Little Miss Hannah sitting in a Victorian style living room:

Joel riding a bike:

Noah at the dentist:

And here is where we spent the most time - at the supermarket. The kids could have their own size baskets, get things off the shelves, and then go scan their groceries at the checkout. Joel loved it, Hannah had a lot of fun, and Noah was on a crazy shopping frenzy:

And here was a crane Joel was operating:

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