Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Antonio Vacation Day 1

We recently got home from a 5 day vacation to San Antonio. We had a great time. The kids did wonderfully and really enjoyed it. Jason's sister, Anna, went with us. We rented a house and loved it. We had several bedrooms to spread the kids out and a living room and kitchen to use. We drove down on a Tuesday afternoon/evening. The next day we went to the San Antonio Zoo. All the kids loved seeing the animals. There was a lot of pointing. Hannah and Noah point and grunt until you acknowledge what they are pointing at. First we rode on a train that is just outside the zoo. Joel loves riding on trains. Noah also really enjoyed it. Hannah wasn't too sure about it. It was very hot that day (I think 98).

Us on the train:
At the zoo:
This is a tunnel play area for kids:

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