Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home with Noah

Well, we have been home with Noah for just over a week. Surprisingly we have not taken very many pictures since we have been home. That is not like us and we will try to do better. Noah seems to be adjusting very well. He smiles and laughs at us often and makes a lot of eye contact. When we first picked him up in Guatemala he had trouble taking his bottle. He would barely get down an ounce or two at a time. We think it was mostly due to the fact that he was just getting in his two front bottom teeth. He just chews on the bottle. He is doing much better now although he still throws an occasional fit during his bottle. He usually eats 6-7 ounces at a time. He is also eating up the baby food. I have made quite a bit more and he is eating about 10 ice cube size servings a day not including two servings of baby cereal. He is sleeping well at night. Sometimes he wakes up and fusses, but he normally just needs a little tummy rub to go back to sleep. His foster mother said he was taking two bottles during the night, but we tried to give them to him at first and he did not want them, but just a little comfort. That is great for us. We have not been out and about a lot, but Noah seems to do well around others and seeks us out to smile at us. Unfortunately two days ago we were on our way into Sams for diapers and formula and Joel threw up in the parking lot. He threw up probably another 10 or so times throughout the night and next day. He has stopped throwing up so hopefully that is all for him and I really hope that the rest of us do not get it. Joel has continued to do great with Noah. As you can see in the pictures he reads to him, drives him around in his tractor, and loves on him. Joel has been very helpful around the house and in understanding that I need to take care of Noah (except when he is sick). We are very proud of him.

Here are a few pictures. The last one is Jason's parents and sister with Noah.

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