Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hedges, Texan, American (in that order)

Noah John is now a proud Hedges, proud Texan, and a proud American! Because we had visited Noah in Guatemala before his case exited PGN, he entered the USA with a special visa that made him a US citizen when we touched down on US soil. We still had to go through an immigration process with Noah when we arrived in Houston but it basically amounted to Jason and Noah sitting in a room for 30-45 minutes waiting for an immigration officer to hand back Noah's passport after they verified his paperwork.

We gave Hannah back to her foster mom this morning and left Guatemala around noon. After going through immigration in Houston we flew home to Lubbock. We arrived just before 8:00pm where Noah (and the rest of us) were welcomed by Jason's parents, sister, and grandparents. We were really excited to get to show off Noah right away! :) We didn't have a lot of pictures today since we were traveling but here are a few. Joel really enjoyed listening to music on the airplane today.

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