Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hannah's 7 Month Check-up

Hannah has her 7 month doctor's checkup on May 2nd. The doctor said she's a "bright little girl". :) Sounds like she's doing great. She weighed 15lbls 6oz. We learned today that cases are still being processed in PGN (but none are exiting) and that some cases may require an additional interview with the birth mother, foster mother, baby, and attorney. We don't know for sure if our case will require this additional interview but if it does, it could happen as soon as tomorrow. We're hoping she'll get out of PGN soon, but we really have no idea how long this delay will last. Please pray that she does get out soon! Here's some pics to enjoy of our beautiful little Hannah Faith!

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McMurrays said...

Oh man. . those are the cutest pictures ever. You must just adore them and keep looking at them over and over. I love the dress, that sweet face and the hair style.
I will be praying for beautiful Hannah Faith.