Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hedges Photography Studio at the Westin

We set up our make shift photography studio in our hotel room this morning and started trying to get a family picture and studio type pics of the kids. The kid's pics came out especially good today. :)

and for's one where Noah is watching Joel, Joel is watching Hannah, and Hannah is staring at the ceiling.

and here's one where Noah is upset, Joel is still smiling, and Hannah has decided we're not being that funny anymore. :)


Anna said...

Adorable ADORABLE!!!

Be sure to give them more hugs and kisses. I just cannot WAIT to see them! The kids are so CUTE. Makes my day to see them.

McMurrays said...

I am so impressed that you got ALL three kiddos smiling!! What beautiful children. Hannah is absolutley darling!!!!!!!!
So happy the Embassy appointment went well. I bet you are busy but so Happy with all three. Thanks for keeping us updated.