Friday, May 2, 2008

Making Baby Food

A few days ago I (Shannon) started making some baby food for the babies when they come home. I think that they waited until Hannah was 6 months old to start her on food and I do not think that Noah has started yet. (He will be 6 months on May 16th.) Making the baby food will be much cheaper, allow me to know for sure what they are eating, and give them a bigger variety of foods. I started with bananas and avocados. These are supposed to be good first foods. I just peeled them and mashed them with a fork and then added some water to make them thinner and smoother. I then spooned them into ice cube trays, froze them, and then popped them out into freezer bags. They are now frozen in serving sizes and should be good for 3 months. I used 4 bananas and 4 avocados. I got 54 cubes. This is probably the same amount of food as about 22 jars of 1st baby food. I paid about $2.65 for the bananas and avocados. Baby food costs about .40-.50 cents a jar for 1st foods. I think it was well worth the savings. I might do sweet potatoes and squash next. A great web site I found about making your own baby food is .


Anna said...

that's really cool that you made your own! When I have kids, I think I'll do that....(but that's a LONG way off. ) :D

McMurrays said...

I love making my babies food it saves so much money and is the best feeling of accomplishment. Lucia's favorites are avocados and banannas. Sweet potatoes were my twin boys favorites.

ea said...

I have not had NEARLY the luck you've had recently!! God provides when you need it, I believe!

Emily Angehr

Giles Family said...

I use the same website for Hannah's foods and it's been great. You're right the savings are phenomenal and they are so easy.

Another healthy tip: throw some of cubed purees into recipes of yours (like casseroles) to add some hidden nutrients. A friend of mine gave us the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook and I was inspired. Have fun!