Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Fingerprinting

We received our notification from Immigration Services this week about our fingerprinting appointment. We were expecting to be given a specific appointment time and place for our fingerprinting because that is the norm. Instead we received a document that said we could be fingerprinted upon receipt of that notice. Since this wasn't normal for Immigration Services we tried to call to ask some questions only to find that none of the local offices (Ft. Worth, Dallas, Lubbock) list their phone numbers ANYWHERE. Shannon searched hard to find their phone numbers but couldn't. She contacted their national customer service number but they were not able to help much, didn't know why we weren't given a specific appointment, and couldn't give Shannon any of the local office phone numbers. Soooo, we were given an email address that we could contact with specific questions. We finally received a reply after a couple of days confirming that we could pick our time and location for the fingerprinting. Very confusing and unfortunate that the government doesn't have enough money to give these local offices telephones! We're planning to be fingerprinted on Saturday while we're in the Lubbock area for Labor Day.

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