Monday, August 13, 2007

Certification Send Off!

We received our revised home study via FedEx on Friday afternoon at 3:00. Shannon took it up to Jason's office and faxed it to our case manager to review at 3:30 and we had it in the mail to the Secretary of State in Austin, Texas for certification by 5:30. We also sent off a revised copy to USCIS to replace the one we had already sent. We hope that won't be a problem. To add to the crazyness, one of our best friends went into the hospital with appendicitus Friday afternoon. We were planning to go out town to Jason's parents so we ended up picking up our friend's 3 boys and dropping them off at their grandparents which was out of town on our way to Jason's parents house. It worked out great for everyone and our friend had an appendectomy that night. Thankfully, he is back home and recovering well. We're really excited to be moving on to the certification and authentication phase of our paperwork!

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