Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Home Study...!!$%#@!*&@!

Ugh! Ok. This is really really really really frustrating. Shannon emailed our adoption agency and our social worker 3 weeks ago and pointed out an issue with our home study. The home study says that the nurse practioner examined Joel (which is true) but our medical letters are signed by Joel's doctor (stating that he is in good health...not that the doctor examined him). The problem is they don't match. Shannon pointed out all these problems and now we realized that it was not corrected in our home study. Sooooo, we emailed our adoption agency to make sure it really is an issue and they said yes, it's an issue. Sooooo, we emailed our social worker and asked for it to be fixed. She's going to fix it and is acting like it's our fault that it wasn't brought up before. But we did bring it up. 3 weeks ago. Anyway, another delay. She can't get it fixed until Wednesday which means we can't have it until Thursday (maybe). Very frustrating. And now it's made us write a really long blog post that nobody likes to read. So now everyone is frustrated.

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