Thursday, August 9, 2007

Home Study...The Drama Continues

While we were waiting for our home study to be fixed up concerning Joel's medical information, our social worker emailed us that she had found some information that was missing from our document, information she had failed to include. We've already sent our home study to USCIC (US Immigration) so now we have to resend it with a note explaining the mistake. This put us a frenzy trying to make to sure everything else was ok. Shannon was up Tuesday night at 1:00am going over our home study with a fine tooth comb (we received the email about the mistake at about 12:15am), comparing our home study with the home study checklist provided to us by our adoption agency. We thought our adoption agency and social worker would take care of working through the checklist and verifying that everything was in it that needed to be. After all, they're professionals, we're paying them to do this, and we have no idea what to look for. Well, now we feel like it's up to us to make sure it's done right. Shannon found several minor things that we went ahead and asked about to make sure they were ok. Our social worker was supposed to have put it in the mail on Wednesday but she didn't get it to FedEx in time so she mailed it today and we should receive it tomorrow. Here are the blessings in disguise...had we not had the issues with Joel's medical information and requested that our social worker fix it, she might not would have realized that she forgot some important information. Also, while she was making these corrections, she learned from the USCIS Oklahoma office (this is where we are shipping our home study to go with our I-600A form) that she needed to make some corrections to some other peoples home studies. Since she was making corrections to ours, she was able to go ahead and implement those changes, possibly saving us time in the long run of sending the document to USCIS and then them asking for changes down the road.

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