Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Activites

Although some of our Easter activities were canceled due to sickness, we were still able to have some fun.

Friday we went to an Easter egg drop. They dropped Easter eggs from a helicopter. There was supposed to be 50,000 eggs. We thought the kids would enjoy the helicopter and and the eggs. When we got there they said no parents were allowed on the field. Joel did not want to go out on the field without us and we did not want him to, so we ended up just observing the event. In the end the parents flooded the field too.

Yesterday we dyed Easter eggs with the help of Jason's sister and parents. Joel really liked it. He spent a lot of time on each egg dipping it in colors again and again.

Here are the kids with their Easter baskets. Hannah and Noah got their first coloring books and crayons that they really seemed to like. They all also got some brownies from Grammy and Pop that they were quite excited about.

We had lots of Easter egg hunts in our living room today. Hannah and Noah were better at it than expected. Joel loved it and want to "hunt" for them again and again. He also liked to hide them for the rest of us.

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