Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Beautiful Children

In December we took some pictures of each of the kids. Here are our favorites:

Here is the family pic we used for our Christmas card:

And here are some outtakes of the kids:


Anna said...

I love these! We put them up a week or two ago...

the outtakes are funny. Noah looks like he's laughing!

emilyangehr said...

Okay, I need to grill you about your lighting set up.

McMurrays said...

I was so happy to see all the updates. I love checking your blog. The children look so darling! Love the new pics.
Thanks for sharing the pictures.
The McMurrays

Anonymous said...

Great to see your blog updates-can't get enough of these cute kids!! Potty training update: I've inspired Jane and she is running Sissy back and forth to the potty today. She feels very powerful, I think, rewarding the Skittles. Maybe I should write a book about how to successfully get out of potty training!