Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 Days

Happy Easter! You may think this post has something to do with Easter, but it doesn't. Three days is the length of time that our family was well, before getting sick again. Thursday was the first day everyone was well after over 2 weeks of a serious cold. Last night in the middle of the night we woke up to Joel throwing up in our bed. He then told us that he had thrown up in his bed also. We had big plans for today. All our Easter clothes were ironed and everything was out and ready for us to be gone all day, but everything was canceled and we all stayed home. It seems like since Hannah came home we are sick for about 3 weeks then all well 1-2 weeks before it all starts over again. This time it was three days. As I have said before we are sick of being sick!


Anna said...

We missed you guys so much today! SOOO sorry that you're sick again. I hope that Joel feels better soon and that no one else catches it!

Emily Angehr said...

:( I'm sorry you guys are sick again! And the throwing up in your bed and THEN telling you he threw up in his own bed - that's classic awful!!!

We'll pray for you this week!