Thursday, July 17, 2008

Noah is 8 Months Old

Yesterday Noah was 8 months old. He has been home for about 2 months and he is adjusting so well. He is very happy to play and crawl around on the floor or jump in his jumperoo. He eats well, both drinking his bottle and eating his baby food and cereal. He usually takes a 1 1/2 - 2 hour nap in the morning. Right after lunch he goes down for another nap. Sometimes it is 1/2 hour up to 2 hours. He often takes a short late afternoon nap. Noah has had trouble staying asleep at night. He was waking up 3-4 times a night. For a while he had a stopped up nose and then he was teething. He went a couple nights of just waking once, but he is back to several times a night. We think he is getting ready to get in a few more teeth. He was getting in his first two bottom teeth when we picked him up. A couple weeks ago his outer two top teeth started coming in. Here are several pictures we took today.

Noah is his jumperoo this morning:

Noah gets in this position often - on his hands and feet:

Eating baby food:

And feeding himself Puffs:

Joel and Noah helping put clothes in the dryer:

Look at that smile:

Noah is pulling up a lot:

Noah has started crawling on one knee and one foot:

He likes to play with balls:

Most evenings include Daddy wrestling with the boys:

Daddy & Noah:

Big brother Joel & Noah:

Time for bedtime bottle and off to sleep:

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