Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hannah's 2nd DNA Test - Finally!

We got an email yesterday that Hannah finally had her 2nd DNA test taken on Wednesday. That took about 10 times longer than it did for Noah to have his test done after receiving his new birth certificate. We still do not know why it took so long, but are very glad that it has been done. We got notified of Noah's Embassy appointment a week and a half after the test was taken, but we have learned we can not plan on that. So, hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be notified of Hannah's appointment and should be picking her up within about a week after that. Here are a couple pictures taken last Wednesday (9 1/2 months) while she had her test. I also included a couple of pictures of when she had her first DNA test on October 30th at 4 weeks old.


McMurrays said...

Yeah getting so close. . can't wait to see her in your arms on the pick up trip! She is so darling. . love love love her hair.
The McMurrays

Beth in MN said...


Here's to a quick result and a quick Pink slip!

Beth in MN