Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hannah's 9 Month Check-Up

We got a report and pictures from Hannah's 9 month check-up. She turned 9 months and had her appointment on July 2nd. The report said that she is alert and active, appears to recognize simple words, sits unsupported, tries to pull to standing, makes many different vocal sounds, and plays with the different sounds she can produce. She weighed 15 lb 14 oz. She looks so grown up. Here are some pictures:


Darcy said...

She is just so gorgeous. . .the hair. .eyes and that sweet face. I can't wait until you go and get her!

Jeff said...

Hey Jason and Shannon!
We have been praying for you all! So glad that Hannah is so close to coming home! Noah looks like he is fitting right in! Your family is so cute! We are praying for safe travels for your family when you go pick up your beautiful little girl! We just welcomed our new son into our family in April. Max (Maddox) arrived on the 16th! Love ya!! Jeff and Wendy