Sunday, February 10, 2008

Registered with Central Authority

We've just received word tonight that both Hannah's and Noah's cases have been successfully registered with the Central Authority in Guatemala. Our lawyers and paralegals in Guatemala spent the entire weekend in line submitting and resubmitting our paperwork (along with all the others from our agency) to the Central Authority. This means that Hannah's case should be submitted to PGN tomorrow as long as there is no limit as to how many cases can be submitted. There are approximately 2600 adoption cases waiting to get into PGN so our agency will work as quickly as possible tomorrow morning to get the cases submitted in order of how long they've been waiting. Noah's case is still waiting on pre-approval from the US Embassy before his case can be submitted to PGN. We've been waiting almost 9 weeks for pre-approval. We're hoping it will come soon but we know of others that are still waiting at 11 weeks. We're excited that Hannah's case is going to start moving forward again. Her case has been on hold now for 6 weeks. Our agency has heard that PGN is going to try to process cases faster than they have in the past so we're hoping this next phase will go faster than we've previously thought it would. We'll see. Here are some new pics of Hannah Faith we received this past week. She weighed in at 13lbs 4oz at her 4 month doctor visit last week. Cheekolas! :)

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Carrie said...

Those are some squeezable cheeks! Glad to hear things are moving along. Grandma Nancy caught us up this week at Chrysler.

Carrie (Grandma Nancy's friend)