Friday, February 22, 2008

Noah's Gets Pre-Approval!!

Noah finally got pre-approval (PA) from the US Embassy yesterday. We're so excited! Now his case will enter PGN and will be about 2 weeks behind Hannah's case. We received some new pictures and medical report on Noah just this evening. He's up to 14lbs 8oz. Looks like he might be out weighing Hannah now! The doctor's report said he's alert and active and making lots of cooing noises now in response to others and to draw attention to himself. The doctor also said he's smiling socially and really reaching for things. Now enjoy some new pics!


Holly Hedges said...

SO happy for ya'll with all this good news!!

TNKerry said...

What a cutie and I am so glad you finally got that PA wait behind you!!!!!!!!!

Brian G. Hedges said...

This is all such good news! It's good to see things moving quickly after all the waiting last fall! Let's talk soon!