Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Noah Out of Family Court

We received word today that Noah's case exited Family Court on January 28th. Hooray! Now we are waiting on pre-approval from the US and then Noah will be at the same place Hannah is, waiting for their cases to be registered by the Central Authority so that they can enter PGN. Pre-approval with Hannah took 8 1/2 weeks which had been the norm, but several other people from our agency have been waiting more like 10 weeks right now. So, although Noah has been waiting 8 weeks and we would hope to have pre-approval soon, it could be a couple of weeks. What is taking the US so long?

We also heard today that their have been more delays with the Central Authority as some people appointed by the old administration were let go in order for the new Presidental administration to appoint their own people. This will probably cause at least a several day delay. In the end this could be good news to appoint people more supportive of adoption, but in the short run it is more delays.

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