Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Home Update

I know I have not been good about updating and posting pictures, so here are some favorites from the last month or so. All the kids are doing well. Joel is usually busy cutting and coloring and playing with his train. Hannah is crawling and pulling up, sleeping through the night, is talking a lot (dada, mama, no-no), and seems to be adjusting well. She really loves her Daddy. Every time he walks in she cries until he picks her up. Noah is as busy as ever. He is walking up to 20 steps at a time, is quick to smile, wakes up at least once a night (but it is getting much better), and is always getting into something.

All 3 in Hannah's crib:

Joel feeding Hannah and Noah Cheerios:

Noah & Hannah enjoying fruit in their meshes:

Sweet Hannah:

Hannah in the morning (talk about morning hair!):

Daddy with his kids:


Joel and Noah like to play in the box:

Fun outside:

Jason mowing while carrying Noah on his back:


Alissa said...

Let's hang out soon.

I miss you guys.

McMurrays said...

Love the new photos. . what a precious family. So fun to see al the interactions. I'm sure you are so busy yet so thankful. Sounds like your getting a little more sleep - Yeah!