Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Grammy & Pop Were Here Again

Grammy & Pop (Shannon's parents) came back to visit again and to meet Hannah. They were here a little over a week and left on Sunday. We had a great visit and did lots of fun things. Both of them were so helpful with the kids and taking care of things around the house. All the kids warmed up to them quickly and really enjoyed them. We took lots of pictures.
Grammy and Pop usually come bearing some gifts. Joel loved this weed eater. He loves to mow with Jason, but was not able to weed eat with him in the past, so now he will be all set. He kept the carpet in the house short all week.

Noah has become a very messy eater at times.

We went back to Legacy Play Village while they were here. Hannah and Noah loved swinging and Joel loves running all around.

Around here you have to learn to be able to hold two kids at a time.

A trip is not complete unless Grammy takes them to Chuck E. Cheese so just her and I took them one afternoon.

We took the kids to a place called Jump N Jungle. It has a lot of places to jump and slide. As usual it took Joel a little time to warm up, but he had lots of fun. Adults and non-walkers are free so we got 6 people in for the price of one (Jason was at work).

We took some walks around the neighborhood.

Grammy taught Joel how to play memory and he really enjoyed playing it with them.

Jason's brother, Andy, was performing at the Cowboy Symposium here over the weekend so we went to see him perform.

After the Cowboy Symposium we went to McDonald's for lunch.

Another gift for Joel was this guitar. He loved it and put on quite a show for us.

Grammy & Pop went ahead and gave Hannah some gifts for her birthday since they will not be back again so soon (she will turn 1 in 3 weeks!). They gave her some "girly" toys since all of ours are boy toys. One gift was a purse. All the kids loved it. In the second pictures Grammy is putting play lipstick on Hannah.

Noah starting walking when they were here. He took his first really steps the first Sunday they were here in front of all of us including Jason's parents. By the end of the week he was walking up to 10 steps at a time.

Grammy & Pop with the kids:

Our family:

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