Friday, August 1, 2008

Guatemala Here We Come!

We have our travel plans set for next week. Many of you know that we considered Shannon and the boys staying home and just Jason going to pick up Hannah, but we decided that this is too big of a family life changing event for all of us not to go. Joel is very anxious to go get Hannah and make her laugh. We leave our house next Tuesday morning about 6:00am for a flight from Lubbock to Houston and then Houston to Guatemala City. We should be arriving just after 1:00pm and then picking up Hannah at the hotel at 3:00pm. Wednesday morning we leave our hotel at 6:45am to go to her Embassy appointment. One of us and the boys may stay at the hotel for that. Thursday afternoon one of us goes back to the Embassy to pick up Hannah's visa. For Friday we have scheduled a trip to Antigua for the day. There is a couple that drove us to the Embassy appointment and visa pickup for Noah that will be taking us to Antigua. This is where both Hannah and Noah lived while they were being fostered and it is supposed to be beautiful. Then Saturday afternoon we fly home. We do not fly in until about 10:30pm. This will be our first trip that we are allowed to leave the hotel, so we are not sure if we will venture out much or not. We are looking forward to the trip and to finally having Hannah with us forever. We are very busy packing and finishing up things here. If we don't blog again before we leave - Adios!


Anna said...

So excited! I absolutely cannot wait to meet her. If we don't see you before you leave, I hope you have a safe and fun trip!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, congratulations and God bless.

ea said...

YAY! Congrats and have a great trip. And use lots of disinfectant.

Can't wait to meet Hannah!

Emily Angehr