Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cinco de Hedges

The Five Hedges - probably not proper Spanish grammar but you get the idea - we're all here now! We picked up Hannah Faith this morning at 11:00am. It's hard to believe that we never have to give her back! It's been a wonderful day having all our kids here together.

Joel is asleep on the bed, Hannah is sleeping in her crib, and once again, Noah is wide-eyed, smiling, spitting, laughing, and jumping in his crib. Noah's been asleep, woke up, and we've tried off and on for the last few hours to get him back to sleep. We finally gave up and decided just to let him jump...and spit (as I'm typing this). :)

We just hung around the hotel today. Joel really wanted to swim but it rained off and on this afternoon so we didn't get to go. We just spent the day getting reacquainted with Hannah and enjoyed having the whole family here. She seemed a little cautious at first about coming to us but has warmed up as the day progressed. She stills seems really content and rarely cries. She has sooooo much hair! Shannon spent some time this evening playing with different hair ideas. We ordered in Pizza Hut for dinner (no, we're not very adventurous when it comes to food). That's really about it for today. Now for lots of pics...

Noah in the crib this morning

Joel and Hannah weren't in a real picture taking mood so they have stuff in their mouths - Noah is smiling behind the lid :)

Hannah gave Joel a Thomas the Train toy

Joel has his lion, Peheh, wrapped up in the blanket. He's bouncing him to sleep like we do Hannah and Noah.

Nap time this afternoon. :)
Joel enjoying Pizza Hut pizza
Shannon fixing Hannah's hair


Anna said...

Sooooo adorable! Hannah looks like she's grown even since the last pictures you posted several days ago...she looks so big! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Giles Family said...

Hannah is a perfect fit for your family. You guys have captured some wonderful pictures of her first official days with you. I'm praising God for the joy He's brought you guys through your 3 precious children!

McMurrays said...

Oh man could she be any cuter????!!!! She just melts my heart. . and what sweet brothers of course! Just thrilled for your family. Thanks for updating the blog and keeping us posted.

TNKerry said...

Great pictures. All your babies are adorable. So glad you are officially a family of five :)

TNKerry said...

All three of your babies are adorable. So glad you are now officially a family of five. :)