Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Post PGN Steps

Here are the steps that will be taking place over the next several weeks so that Noah can come home:

1. Attorney picks up the file from PGN
2. Attorney arranges the birth mother to come and sign (same week usually)
3. The Final Escritura (final adoption deed) is drafted
4. The Final Escritura is dropped off to be registered in the general archives
5. The Final Escritura is ready and picked up (48 business hours later)
6. The new birth certificate is requested from the civil registry where your child was born
7. The new birth certificate is ready and picked up (varies greatly – two days to three weeks)
8. Baby is taken for new passport
9. The new birth certificate and the entire adoption file of documents are sent for translation from Spanish to English
10. After translation, the final file is submitted to the Embassy for pink slip and the lawyer is given a second DNA authorization slip and an authorization for the Embassy doctor exam.
11. The child is taken to the Guatemala lab for a second DNA test. The Guatemala lab sends samples that same day to the US lab. The Embassy medical exam is also done on this day.
12. When the Embassy receives the results from the lab in the U.S. indicating a match with the first DNA test, it issues the pink slip (probably about 2-4 weeks after the second test).
13. Pink slip is emailed to parents - embassy appointment day and time will be printed on the slip.
14. You come for Embassy interview appointment (M, T, W, or Fri, currently one to two weeks after pink)
15. Next business day – Visa is ready (3:00 pm M-Th; 11:00 am Fri.)
16. Next Day – you can fly home

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