Monday, April 28, 2008

Noah's second DNA test

Noah had his second DNA test today. The test is performed to make sure that he is the same baby that was tested at the beginning of the adoption process and that he has not been swapped out for a different baby. (Obviously Noah has not been swapped, but it is done to keep corrupt agencies from swapping babies.) Guatemala should have sent the sample to a US lab today and when they receive the result they send it to the US Embassy in Guatemala. The US Embassy then will send us an email (known as a "pink slip") with our Embassy appointment time on it. We should get our pink slip in about 2-4 weeks. At that time we will probably have about 1 week until our appointment. It is getting close now! Here are some pictures of Noah today getting his DNA test done.

Here is Noah at his first DNA test on December 12th:

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