Thursday, December 6, 2007

Difficult Day

We had to give baby Noah back to his foster mom today. Joel started throwing up last night at 3:30am and we didn't want baby Noah exposed to it. Hannah got a good a report from the doctor today and would have come and stayed with us if Joel had not been sick. Today was really hard and very disappointing. We wanted to see Hannah so bad and felt like our time with Noah was really cut short. We are thankful that Joel is doing much better. We'll be coming home tomorrow.


Brian G. Hedges said...

Hey Jason - So sorry to hear about your tough day. My heart goes out to you.

Noah is SO cute and we can't wait till you are all together permanently. We'll be praying to that end.

Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

Oh wow! I'm so sorry that you have to leave early. I wish you could have stayed longer. I love you guys! We'll all be praying for Noah and Hannah and the rest of the adoption process.