Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Baby Noah

We are in Guatemala with our new baby boy, Noah! We haven't finalized a middle name so we'll post it later. :) He's absolutely adorable! He's a great baby - we feel blessed that he and Hannah are both so content. Joel really likes him and has been excited about holding him. Joel immediately got out some of his cars and trucks to give to baby brother when we got back to our room on his own inniative.

We signed our POA today and found out from our agency worker here that he is the last baby to be referred by our agency because of the changing laws here and how difficult the US Embassy is making it for everyone to keep moving forward. It is simply God's blessing that we were matched with him at all. We are not out of the woods yet though. Please pray that our cases continue to move forward quickly in Guatemala AND the US.

Our trip down yesterday (Monday) was a difficult day. After about 2 hours of sleep Sunday night we got up at 3:30am Monday morning to make our flight out of Abilene. We were supposed to be in Guatemala by 12:30pm to pick up our baby boy. However, when we got to Houston our flight out to Guatemala had been delayed and wasn't leaving until 11:45am (which put us in to Guatemala at 2:30 or 3:00). This put us in too late to pick up Noah on Monday. We had found out over the weekend that Hannah has impetigo, a rash-like infection. It was confirmed Monday that she would not be able to even come to the hotel this week while we're here. We are waiting for her to visit the doctor again on Thursday to see if she is well enough to come and stay with us. We were going to leave on Friday but may extend our stay until Monday if Hannah can come stay with us for the weekend. We are just sick about not having her here with us this week. Today, Joel broke out with hives all over his torso. We think it must be from something he ate at breakfast. We had a local pharmacy bring us down some medicine for him so we're hoping it helps. He acts like he feels fine but we're still concerned. Anyway, a rough couple of days but we are rejoicing with baby Noah and praying that baby Hannah comes to stay with us this weekend. Please pray too!

Now, enjoy some pictures!


Anonymous said...

We are so excited for you!!! Keep the pictures coming (I'm downloading & using them). We will be praying for rest for you all and for healing for Hannah!


TNKerry said...

Wow!!! So glad you received the referral of that beautiful baby boy. Your pictures are awesome. I especially love the last picture of your oldest son!!!

Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

I'm glad you decided on Noah. He is sooo beautiful! I cannot wait for Hannah and Noah to come home and be a permanent part of the family. I will be praying for you guys! I love you


Bethany said...

Your photos are beautiful, and Bill and I are so happy for y'all. (My favorite pic is the one with Joel & Noah with their fists in the air!)

Take care,