Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shopping Online Benefits Our Adoption

The estimated cost of our 2 adoptions is $70,000. We've been very blessed to be able to pay about $24,000 of this already from our bank accounts, selling Jason's car, and contributions. We have a little left to cover our next Guatemala trip and we're trying to be fierce about saving. We will still have a great deal left to pay so we've setup links in the right hand column of our blog for online shopping. When you use the links on our site to shop with these websites, they will give a percentage of your purchase towards our adoption costs. Everything else about shopping with them will be the same. Same websites, same prices. They're just giving us a percentage for sending you there (typically 1-4%). So, we would appreciate anyone that's going to make a purchase through these online stores to do it by starting at our site (refer your friends too!). Just click the links! Thanks!

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