Monday, October 15, 2007

Paperchasing Again

We've decided to try to adopt a second baby from Guatemala! Because of the uncertainty on the future of Guatemalan adoptions, we decided to pursue a second adoption now. There still are no guarantees but we're hoping for the best. Our agency has told us that they don't know yet if they will have enough babies in their program for every family before the Guatemalan government shuts down adoptions. They're trying hard to help as many babies as they can and will try to match us up with a second baby. They stopped taking new application at the end of September so we're on the very tale end of the list. So, we're paperchasing again, trying to put together a second dossier to submit for our second baby. Our home study already approved us for up to 3 kids and our I-171H is good for up to to 3 kids. We're waiting on the FBI for fingerprint checks again and we're gathering up the rest of the documents in the mean time. We've sent off documents to Missouri again for State certification and from there they will be sent to a courier in Chicago to be authenticated at the Guatemalan Consulate. Jason had our doctor sign medical letters today and got his employment letter signed. Shannon requested a medical letter for Joel and we hope to pick it up tomorrow. We're expecting our referral for baby #1 any day now so we're really trying to get this second dossier wrapped up as soon as possible since we could be leaving the country at any time.


Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

This is going to be so cool! A new niece--and another niece or nephew--possibly all at once! We are SOOOOO excited.

Carolyn said...

How exciting for you guys....I just stumbled onto your blog by accident~I had no idea you guys were adopting! You will be added to our prayers. The Rogers Family~SSBC

Giles Family said...

wow! double the pleasure!