Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We finally received our I-171H!!!! This document from the US government is what we have to have in order to accept a referral from our adoption agency. Now we're just waiting on our adoption agency to match us up with a baby. It could happen anytime from tomorrow to several weeks from now. We've started preparing for our trip to Guatemala to sign our power of attorney. We plan on leaving within a day or two after receiving our referral. We'll be down there for around 5 days and we'll get to see our baby girl! We're really excited!


Holly Hedges said...

Wow! That is great - we're so excited for ya'll! I know it will be amazing when you see her! Will you be able to take pictures of her at that time? I hope so. Keep us posted!

Brian G. Hedges said...

Great news! I'm so excited for you! Let's talk soon!

Anna Elizabeth Hedges said...

We're really excited too!