Tuesday, July 31, 2007

FBI - Jason Is Clear But Shannon...

Actually, Shannon is clear too. :) We received our FBI fingerprint cards today via FedEx. They stamped the back of our cards saying we had no arrest record. However, since they FBI won't notarize or certify the fingerprint cards, we have to have a letter from the FBI saying that they won't notarize or certify them. That doesn't make much sense to me. Anyway, Guatemala requires the letters and the FBI didn't send them. Shannon had to call the FBI, they said we didn't request the letters, which is false - we have a letter that proves we did but how deep do we want to go trying to prove the FBI wrong - we'll end up with criminal records. So they said they would send it regular mail. We decided waiting on regular mail wasn't a good idea (you never know when or if you'll receive it) so Shannon called them back and asked for it to be sent via FedEx so we should have the letters tomorrow. Now we're only waiting on our home study before we can move on to having the documents certified. Yeah!

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