Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Books...So Far

We're really trying to research and become familiar with everything we can related to adopting our baby girl. Here's what we've been reading...

The Strength Of Mercy: Making A Difference In The World One Child At A Time
by Jan Beazley
Jan Beazley is the cofounder of All God's Children International, a non-profit Christian adoption and relief ministry. This book tells the story of their adoption of a little girl from Romania and the birth of their ministry. We both read it and thought it was good and found the scriptures Jan shared in the book to be especially encouraging. Available from Amazon.com.

Cross-Cultural Adoption: How To Answer Questions From Friends, Family, And Community
by Amy Coughlin and Caryn Abramowitz

This book is about how to answer questions from friends and family about cross-cultural adoption. It's designed to give to others to read to help make them aware of the issues and to understand what's appropriate to say and ask. We both read it and thought it was a good read but some of the stuff they cover is just common sense. But that depends on your friends and family I guess. :) Available from Amazon.com.

Successful Adoption: A Guide For Christian Families
by Natalie Nichols Gillespie

Shannon read this book and thought it had some helpful information. We've already implemented some of the organizational suggestions from the book. It gives a good overview of the whole adoption process. Available from Amazon.com.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Grits: A Sourcebook for Multicultural Families
by Myra Alperson

Weird title...but anyway...Jason read this book about being a multicultural family. We don't necessarily agree with all of their advise and it wasn't written from a Chrisitan perspective but the information was very helpful and thought provoking. Especially helpful were some of the sections on how much of your childs culture and heritage you should try to retain in your family and on the issues you may face in being a multicultural family. Available from Amazon.com.

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