Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Came Early This Year!

Shannon's parents decided to bring Christmas early to our house. We are planning to go to their house right after Christmas, but we are not sure how much space we will have in our van for gifts. (That will be the first big trip for us as a family of five.) Grammy & Pop got a big item for each of the kids for Christmas, so they decided to come and deliver them. They got here on Noah's birthday and stayed about a week. So, one morning while they were here we had "Christmas morning." The kids were all in their Christmas jammies and got to open their gifts. (Shannon's sister gave the kids their jammies last Christmas before Hannah and Noah were even home.) We had a good time.

Joel's gift-

a workbench:

Hannah's gift-

a shopping cart:

Noah's gift-

a ride-on car:

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