Thursday, March 27, 2008


This year in preparation for Easter we dyed eggs with Joel. He had a great time dipping the eggs in all the colors. On Easter day we went to church in the morning and Jason's family, along with some visiting friends, came over for the afternoon/evening. It was a good day. There was a three year old boy for Joel to play with and he had a grand time.


Anonymous said...

So is the little boy Joel had so much fun with the one in the front or back of him in the last photo? :o)

Shannon, you have done an amazing job on Hannah's room.

Praying for you to be united with the rest of your children ASAP!!!

Much love,

Anna said...

thought you said that there was a three year old for Joel to play with. Who's that little boy behind him? :D

Phillip M. Way said...

I think that older kid in the back of the picture is wearing my cowboy hat.....